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The ASAP Communication Service combines creativity and technology. As a communications agency within the ASAP Group with a strong technical focus, we can assist you in the implementation of high-quality internal and external communications and garner attention within the scene. We draw on the engineering expertise within the ASAP Group and combine this with modern communication techniques in order to implement effective communications services. Our ASAP communications specialists will support you from the concept and creation phase through to final implementation, offering support and advice on your communications projects. We offer a wide spectrum of communications services along the automotive value-creation chain. To achieve this, we deploy future-oriented technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), allowing your customers to immerse themselves in a whole new world. By working with us, you benefit from our employees’ profound expertise in the use of different technical tools, combined with creative solutions and a full-service offering.

Our Communication Service offering

Considered, efficient communications – We always have your goals in mind. Thanks to their years of experience in communications and marketing, our ASAP specialists can develop ideas and concepts geared to your target groups and in line with your individual requirements. We specialise in marketing your innovative technical developments and products as part of an integrated communications concept. Our in-house expertise means we can develop your communications and help you to implement them, both internally and externally. In doing so, we never lose sight of the costs involved and give you guidance and support to help you make decisions on communications issues.

Address your target audience, generate enthusiasm and create an individual product experience. Interactive and animated elements allow your users to engage with your product, embrace it and experience it. Benefit from our experience in multi-sensory communications and create an interactive world of experiences for your customers. Using augmented reality technology, our ASAP specialists can visualise objects such as components or assemblies in photo-realistic scenes – before they actually exist. This also allows us to create realistic depictions of data models at an early development phase and provide users with a 360° view before the hardware has actually been produced.

Individual design solutions, displayed to your target group at just the right time – we can help you make this reality. Based on analysis of your specific target group, we can create extensive content and deduce the most suitable communication methods to convey them. We develop your communication materials in-house, thereby ensuring smooth and swift implementation. To do this, we use a range of audiovisual elements such as texts, graphics, animations, film material, photography, 3D models and audio elements. Combined with our technical expertise, our communications specialists can create high-quality presentations, for example, or draft tailored, interactive lectures. To implement modern communications, we rely on tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max, MAYA, VRED and Unity, and are expert users of all Adobe products. Seize the potential of unique design opportunities, inspire your target group and make a lasting impression.

Want to bring your technology to life for your customers? We can help you do just that. With years of experience in events management, we can help you conceptualise, organise and realise an individual event in line with your needs and expectations. You’ll benefit from our extensive network of suppliers, venues and service providers. We keep all logistical, event management and budgetary needs under control. 

Interactive product experience through AR mapping.

Communicating technical topics in an appealing manner and creating clear visualisations are becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector. We can help you to use augmented reality to bring your products to life. For the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm, for example, our ASAP specialists brought to life the body in white of an Audi A8, with all its facets and features. On arrival at the Audi Forum, visitors have the option of borrowing a tablet to allow them to virtually explore the body in white. Thanks to AR mapping, users can project 3D geometries into the space from any location and interact with the objects. At the same time, though, this technology presents new opportunities beyond brand communication. We also use augmented reality to help our customers visualise components and systems long before they exist in real life. Even at an early stage in development, we can create realistic visualisations of your data models and facilitate detailed 360° views. 

See the future today.

Technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality can be used to make data come alive. Unlike virtual reality, which requires a special headset or a small cardboard apparatus, augmented reality can be accessed with smartphones, tablets, head-up displays, holographic systems or augmented reality headsets, depending on the specific application. What’s more, augmented reality can do much more than simply enrich reality with digital information. In product visualisations, for instance, we can create interactive worlds for people to experience. To create visualisations of components and systems, our ASAP specialists identify the design data required, prepare it accordingly and then use corresponding VR software engines to transform this data into photo-realistic images, 3D animations, film material or embedded holograms. We’ve mastered the entire process chain for 3D visualisations and, in this context, also used technologies such as mixed reality headsets.

What’s new?

Projects, references and trends visit our What’s New page for regular updates on the latest news from our Communication Service.

Take a peek behind the scenes

Exploiting internal synergies.

As the communications agency within the ASAP Group, we collaborate closely with other departments within the corporate group. This allows us to pool the technical expertise of specialists in all manner of disciplines and develop creative concepts together. As our customer, you’ll benefit from our engineers’ profound expertise as well as our communications’ specialists creative ideas. By the same token, our colleagues in wire harness development also benefit from our full-service offering – which has provided them with a film and a professional presentation to use at trade fairs. The ASAP Communication Service accompanied the project from the concept phase through to post-production, ensuring an emotive experience to live long in the memory. Starting with target group analysis and building on that to draw up a storyboard, our ASAP specialists created individual sound designs, 3D animations and film material. From filming to editing to compositing, our specialists produced an absorbing intro film to present to a specialist audience. This is what we do: targeted, modern communications solutions from a single source.

Andree Hündling – Head of the Engineering Service and Communication Service, Ingolstadt | Andreas Wertsch – Head of the Communication Service.

Technology and creativity: Andree Hündling and Andreas Wertsch combine the two. “As an engineer and a generalist, I’m inspired by the wide range of topics and focus on automotive technology here at ASAP,” explains Hündling. After joining the company more than nine years ago, he now heads up the Engineering Service and Communication Service at the company’s Ingolstadt location. Andreas Wertsch is one of ASAP’s creative minds. As the Head of Creation and Sales, he represents the ASAP Group’s technical communications agency across various locations. A trained advertising photographer and graphic designer, Wertsch can look back on more than 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry and has worked with almost all leading OEMs and automotive agencies. “Our creative minds provide real punch – they have the courage to be different; they’re also full of ideas, flexible and team-minded,” he says. Since joining ASAP, Hündling and Wertsch have played an active role in the development and growth of ASAP.

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