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The automotive industry is one of the most project-intensive areas of the economy. How efficient and quality-focused a project is depends to a large extent on its planning, organisation and communication. As a key interface and in its cross-division role, our Engineering Service will support your product development activities and put your projects on the road to success. From project management to process development and product validation – as generalists among specialists, we stand at your side, accompanying the development of your product and supporting you throughout the product engineering process. We combine experience using conventional project and process management approaches with agile development methods and our automotive engineering expertise.


Our Engineering Service offering

As generalists among domain specialists, we can help you to manage your projects and processes and offer solutions to complex issues. Our ASAP specialists have profound expertise in agile and hybrid project management approaches and know our customers’ structures, processes and policies. We understand time and cost pressures and see them as a challenge, offering targeted solutions according to your individual requirements. To facilitate professional project management, we have implemented PM standardisation within our corporate group and continually seek to develop our competencies in the field of systems engineering.

Product validation in the production process – we support you. From the concept phase in product development through to customer service processes in after-sales, our employees possess expert knowledge, developed over many years working with KPDM Connect (PLM system used in the VW Group based on Siemens Teamcenter). We bear specific requirements for individual use cases in mind at all times as well as the issues of usability and user acceptance. We ensure database consistency and process collision-free validation in the data model (DMU). Our specialists and coaches can help you to implement your digitalisation projects. Together, we can develop targeted procedural and tool-based solutions for the entire product process.


For milestones and SOP to be achieved on schedule, every function and component in a vehicle has to pass through various rounds of development during the product engineering process. The main focus of technical development in the context of the vehicle as a whole is the functional sharing between software and hardware in order to fulfil all requirements and comply with country-specific legal regulations. Wide-ranging expert knowledge of project management combined with engineering expertise – our Engineering Service undertakes the planning, organisation and implementation of functional validation in the vehicle as a functional whole, including legally compliant documentation and release recommendation.

Methodological expertise for successful projects.

Having been certified by the GPM and IPMA, our ASAP experts stand ready to assist as your capable partner. As project managers, our employees possess wide-ranging experience and profound knowledge of project management and process development and have mastered agile development methods. We exploit cross-location synergies, share our experiences and standardise methods, processes and tools throughout the entire ASAP Group. This enables us to ensure clarity and continuity in the workflow and put your projects on the road to success. As a company with ISO9001:2015 accreditation, we manage internal projects throughout the Group in accordance with stipulated standards and advise our technical project managers on achieving compliant implementation.


Digitalisation meets production planning – Factory 4.0.

As vehicles become increasingly complex and with the range of model derivatives on the rise, there are new challenges facing the automotive industry and influencing production. To validate the production process at an early stage, virtual references are an essential tool. We’re currently working on a wide-ranging pilot project related to smart factories for one of our customers. In collaboration with our production planning division, our Engineering Service team is developing a virtual twin for an existing assembly line by drawing data from different sources. We’re combining product data from technical development with information from the assembly process and the factory floor as well as from equipment and logistics. As a result, for the first time, we’re able to create a virtual version of a vehicle model, in full production complexity, and depict it in single cycles for the entire assembly line. Based on the resulting digital production structure, we can determine whether it will be possible to implement production of future models, derivatives and variants on an existing assembly line.


Comprehensive cplace services.

From consulting and customisation to data migration and software engineering through to support and coaching, we offer comprehensive services in relation to cplace software. Working together, the ASAP specialists in our Consulting division determine and define your individual requirements and KPIs and create the basic architecture in the tool. This allows us to adapt the software precisely to your specifications. During the data migration process, we reconcile the real data to be integrated and move it into the cplace data structure. Creating straightforward connections to external systems is essential for successful integration. Our developers will implement the necessary interfaces between cplace and other relevant data sources. Our service spectrum also includes programming new functions, displays and user interfaces. As part of our full-service offering, we can also create training concepts, hold training sessions and offer you tailored support following introduction of the software.


Validation of chassis functions.

Legislation currently in force in various countries around the world requires OEMs to implement a tyre-pressure monitoring system in their vehicles for regulatory system. This measurement system is currently offered in both direct and indirect forms in vehicles. Our specialists can support validation of this function during series development in the full vehicle and across all derivatives. From vehicle and component management to the management of system suppliers and real data collection both in the vehicle and on test benches, our aim is to obtain release recommendations for each derivative pursuant to legal requirements and performance specifications. In this context, our combination of project management knowledge and technical engineering expertise are a crucial success factor for effective and on-schedule project completion.


Katharina Pollinger – Commercial | Technical Employee Engineering Service.

The student in business economics became aware of ASAP at a university fair and now works for the ASAP Engineering Service since 2014. In the field of project and process management she manages various projects and supervises students working on their bachelor theses at ASAP. “I find it very exciting and challenging at the same time having to constantly familiarize myself with new topics and teams. I can contribute my experience gained in past projects and simultaneously am able to expand my knowledge regarding methods and tools.” Being a mother the reconcilability of family and working life is, apart from exciting and future-oriented projects, very important to her. “My return to work following parental leaf was not at all complicated thanks to the close coordination with my supervisor as well as the flexible work time models ASAP offers. We quickly found a new project so that I could start working straight away.”

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