Automotive quality management – Connecting experience and vision.

By applying our knowledge of human nature and our pragmatic approach, we’ll put your projects on the road to success. We stand at your side throughout the entire product life cycle, offering comprehensive quality management solutions – from quality planning to continual improvement processes and through to effective supplier management. As the link between our customers and their suppliers, we act as an intermediary and promote an open, bilateral exchange of information, including when situations appear gridlocked. Our aim is to intensify your relationships with your suppliers, establish transparent business relationships and resolve gridlocked situations in the best interests of all parties. We employ common standards and methods to maintain consistently high quality even across borders. Yet, in spite of all this theory and with our focus on details, we never lose sight of reality. As well as profound expertise in their specific field, our quality managers also posses a high level of technical understanding. Trained in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, VDA 6.3 and the IRIS standard, our ASAP specialists also serve as certified external auditors. Our task force units enable us to be wherever you need us – within just 24 hours. Together, we create robust processes and reliable products and make targeted investments in preventive measures.


Our quality management services

The automotive industry imposes strict requirements for effective quality planning. To guarantee a high level of product and process quality, our ASAP specialists draw on a range of established tools and methods – including FMEA Moderation, SixSigma, APQP and VDA 6.3, to name just a few. Using our many years of experience, we select suppliers, support your purchasing department and conduct cost and risk analyses. Feasibility studies, milestone tracking and continuous project monitoring complete our service portfolio. We see quality planning as a continuous process – from the supplier to product development and through to production. Our ASAP specialists constantly analyse and examine methods and processes and maintain a clear focus on your requests.

Making small improvements every day – that’s the essence of a continual improvement process. Following this principle, our quality managers can optimise your processes, costs, products and production processes. We analyse procedures and structures and use the insights gained to develop sustainable opportunities for quality assurance. Our recipe for success Pragmatism. Our specialists approach new topics with an open mind, apply knowledge gained in past projects and eschew conventional thinking in their search for implementable solutions. This allows us to bring your projects to a successful inclusion while giving due consideration to time and cost factors.

If you hope to create first-rate products, effective supplier management is essential. This starts with selecting qualified suppliers. Our quality managements can support you throughout supplier selection, qualification and management. As your external consultant, we can conduct process analyses and both internal and external audits pursuant to VDA 6.3 and ISO/TS 16949 standards and take care of the documentation for you. With our comprehensive technical expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of processes, we can support and monitor series start-up to ensure on-schedule and successful SOP. Complaint and claim management complete our service portfolio.

At your service, worldwide – our service team will spring into action in under 24 hours. Our quality task force stands ready to assist you, ensuring effective cost management and avoiding production stoppages. As the interface between our customers and their suppliers, we take care of interface management and analyse causes and potential solutions to manage production bottlenecks. With their many years of expertise, our ASAP specialists can also take on project management duties if you wish, creating management presentations and ensuring complete and seamless monitoring. We apply common quality management methods in actual state analysis and can call on an exceptional network of internal and external specialists to assist where necessary. 

Automotive quality assurance – ASAP is your capable partner.

Our swiftness of action and our wide network are key strengths. As an owner-operated company, we are able to make swift decisions and react in our customers’ interests. The results of our projects can’t simply be shown on a sheet of paper. We see ourselves as more than just a consultant; instead, we implement the measures we develop in practice. Our goal is to improve your processes and develop sustainable solutions you can integrate in your company over the long term. The ASAP Group’s broad range of services enables us to draw on expert knowledge in different fields and sectors. With our ASAP Technical Service teams, we can implement defined measures with immediate effect. Yet, our excellent connections are not limited to internal contacts – we have a wide-reaching network of external specialists all around the globe, which means we can react to country-specific circumstances. 


Bridging the gap to series maturity.

The ramp-up to series production of a new vehicle presents major challenges for all involved. We can accompany you through all phases of the ramp-up, from the very start of the project through to series production. Our experts can take care of physical design validation, guide you through pre-production and support your preparations for the start of series production. Together, we can define areas of action, identify critical issues and derive measures to help your project reach its goals. ASAP quality managers analyse components and production systems, act as contact people for suppliers, provide support during audits and also undertake audit planning. We use proven quality management methods in our work, such as Ishikawa, 5 Whys and SixSigma. Even when a situation has become gridlocked, we create transparency and serve as a mediator between you and your suppliers. Following a successful SOP, we produce a set of “lessons learned” guidelines for use in future projects, thereby contributing to sustained quality in future. In doing so, we focus on our strengths, namely our ability to create customer-specific agile solutions and our rapid response times. Our ASAP specialists can be on the ground with you within 24 hours. 


The challenge of e-mobility.

“Megatrends are making automotive development more complex, the world is becoming increasing globalised, and innovation cycles are getting shorter. In automotive quality management, we are certainly feeling the effects of these trends,” says Volker Schier, Managing Director of ASAP Quality Consulting. The trend of e-mobility and the new technologies associated with it are transforming the sector and present new challenges. Key technological areas such as batteries, drive systems and lightweight construction demand new competencies and processes that have a major impact on quality-related topics. At the same time, actors outside the automotive sector and market are becoming increasingly important. This is where quality consulting comes in. Our services range from project and process management to change management. As the interface between suppliers and customers, we facilitate smooth coordination and communication and ensure compliance with applicable norms and standards.

More about e-mobility

Dominik Dudek – Quality Consultant.

Every day is unpredictable – and that’s precisely what drives Dominik Dudek. As the qualified industrial engineer explains, “rising quality standards, coupled with shorter development periods, present new challenges for customers”. This is where the quality consulting team comes in. Together with his colleagues, Dudek undertakes supplier management, ensures suppliers are able to supply goods – with the requisite quality – and issues parts approvals. This means we often have to deploy our employees to serve our customers directly. “To date, my projects have taken me to Hungary and the USA. Collaborating with partners with different personalities and of different nationalities makes my job unbelievably varied and exciting,” says Dudek. 

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