Technical Service.

Sophisticated technology and complex production methods place high demands on products. We offer technical services to support you in all aspects of production and assembly. As well as our many years of automotive engineering experience, a high degree of flexibility and rapid reactions are features of our work. Our employees serve customers around the world to ensure they enjoy a smooth start to series production. Furthermore, we support you in technical vehicle preparation and ensure adherence to the strictest quality standards.


Our Technical Services offering

A rising number of production ramp-ups and shorter development times present new challenges. To ensure a smooth start to series production, our ASAP specialists in ramp-up support ensure that all components are supplied and available on schedule. From post-processing at different points of delivery to making arrangements at destination stations and support with final inspection and acceptance, we support you around the world when launching new vehicles.


We employ professionals with extensive expertise. Our engineers and technicians make alterations to all manner of vehicle components, replace motors and gearboxes, and flash on-board systems. Whether off-lease vehicles, company cars, exhibition vehicles or press cars, our many years of experience in technical vehicle preparation enable us to optimise your products.

Customer satisfaction is heavily dependent on the quality of the vehicle they receive. If defects arise, they need to be identified and remedied immediately after assembly. Our technicians and foremen handle and process complaints throughout your product line-up. We draw on our quality assurance competencies to establish urgent improvement measures and implement them right away. Plus, if you encounter any capacity bottlenecks, we’ll help you overcome them. 

As the interface between parts suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure the quality of vendor parts in automotive production. Our ASAP specialists analyse and examine components, putting them to the acid test and overseeing any required reworking. To make sure your quality standards are met, we support you with in-depth specialist experience when it comes to filtering goods. In addition, we coordinate the flow of goods from arrival through to assembly and oversee material logistics.

We’re on site, ready to assist. Any time. Day or night.

Flexibility and rapid response are key characteristics of our work. Within just a few hours of contacting us, our ASAP specialists will be with you and engaging with advice and support. This is a decisive factor in preventing bottlenecks and ensuring high quality, particularly in relation to production. Our engineers, technicians and foremen possess profound expertise in the field of automotive engineering, apply innovative working methods and continually develop and improve processes. For this reason, our Technical Service has its own quality management division tasked with handling projects to improve our customers’ internal notification systems. 


Exacting quality checks.

Ensuring that bought-in third-party components meet high quality standards requires systematic and detailed monitoring of the production process. Thanks to our ASAP goods filter, we can guarantee high quality and secure a smooth flow of goods during production. With years of experience in quality assurance, we can help you to set up and implement a fixed control system. We take care to ensure processes are standardised, documentation is consistent and structures are clear. Our ASAP experts check delivered parts based on a predefined error catalogue and clearly defined work instructions. At the same time, we block defective components and arrange for their return transport. Everything we do follows just-in-time processes – with no long storage periods.    


Gunnar Fechtner – Project Manager, Technical Service.

After joining ASAP as a Resident Engineer, four years later, Gunnar Fechtner is now a Technical Service Project Manager. Together with a colleague and two coordinators, Fechtner – who studied production engineering – heads up a team of around 30 employees. From negotiation, scheduling and logistics through to production, Gunnar Fechtner serves our customers in many different areas. The exciting part? “In my line of work, I come into contact with every component in a vehicle. On the one hand, that’s a challenge, because it demands an understanding of the entire system. On the other hand, I learn something new every day and play a direct role in the innovations in new vehicle generations.”

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