From initial analysis to the finished test bench, ASAP offers everything from a single source.

Automotive technology is becoming increasingly complex. As a result, the requirements for tailored test systems and automated test systems are rising, as is the demand for experienced development partners. Whether used in control device development, vehicle diagnosis or in the course of ongoing production, our test systems can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Accordingly, our product portfolio ranges from laboratory set-up and HIL to system test benches, integration test benches and end-of-line test systems. All of our products are perfectly adjusted for access to vehicle bus systems such as CAN(-FD), LIN, MOST, Flexray, Automotive Ethernet and many other analogue and digital signals, as well as in-vehicle interfaces. We can therefore guarantee compliant product development in accordance with the VDE0100 and VDE0113 standards as well as CE marking. Our products fulfil all requirements of the Machinery Directive and the Low-Voltage Directive and comply with all standards regarding occupational safety. Our engineers and technicians plan, design and develop turnkey test devices and take care of on-site commissioning. 


Our test system services

With our eye for detail, we plan and design individual test systems precisely tailored to your needs. By working with us, you benefit from our ASAP specialists’ profound knowledge in a range of different technologies. To produce an optimal solution for you, we generate previews, provide design data and produce test piece fixtures. We adapt thermal systems, develop cinematic units and tailor the design of the front panel to your wishes. Are you interested in special constructions? We’ll make your idea a reality.

We conceptualise and plan entire electrical systems with a focus on the big picture. Our employees have mastered development tools such as EPLAN and contribute their extensive expertise in vehicle networking and topology. By working with us, you benefit from our many years of experience identifying industrial electrical components and suitable measurement technology. Specialising in control engineering, low-voltage and high-voltage technologies, vehicle electronics and safety technologies, we offer a broad service portfolio. This enables us to realise projects according to your individual wishes.  

Whether in relation to analogue or digital technologies, we rise to the challenges of electronics development. Our specialists can develop and compute hardware switching for you and can also simulate switch blocks and create circuit diagrams. We have extensive expertise in the use of tools such as LTspice, Altium Designer and EAGLE and specialise in programming VHDL and microcontroller systems. We continually analyse and optimise our products to achieve the best possible results. Using their many years of experience, our ASAP experts develop circuit board layouts and construct prototypes.

Tailored software solutions are the foundation of a smooth-functioning integral system. It is therefore essential that we understand your requirements and work systematically to incorporate them. Together, we can analyse your requirements and develop an individual concept. Stand-alone applications and the development of our STEP middleware for integration in existing testing frameworks are just part of the ASAP service portfolio. Our developers are specialists in remaining bus simulations and in object-oriented, procedural, generic and functional programming. They work with database-based client-server architectures and develop embedded software for our ASAP measurement modules. As a result, we draw on a variety of software technologies – and, in turn, create a software solution that meets your specifications.

Whether in terms of validation or documentation, quality remains our constant focus. Our products fulfil all requirements of the Machinery Directive and the Low-Voltage Directive and comply with all standards regarding occupational safety and CE marking, etc. Our ASAP employees produce reports and documentation on your test bench to offer you maximum transparency throughout the development of your test environment.

Our service doesn’t end with the delivery of your test bench. After commissioning the device on site, we will instruct and train your employees in its use and, if you wish, optimise any existing test stations. By coordinating with you, we will work to steadily improve the hardware and software elements of your test bench. What’s more, we offer numerous other services to offer you complete and comprehensive support once your test system is in place. The ASAP Group’s diverse service portfolio also includes test bench operation and monitoring by our certified employees (ISTQB) in test management and test implementation. Consequently, we offer a comprehensive range of services through to the final test report, tailored entirely to your requirements.


Special format test benches.

Designing and implementing a turnkey testing landscape for use on-site by the customer – this was the challenge our test bench construction team was set for Eberspächer catem GmbH & Co. KG. Our customer operates two identical test devices, using each device to conduct eight life tests on eight high-voltage heating system. These life tests involve mapping the thermal parameters from the tempering medium and ambient air and providing the low-voltage and high-voltage power supply. With eight units each consuming 20 kW of power, the temperature of the coolant needs to range from -30°C to +80°C, while the ambient air temperature required ranges from -40°C to +120°C. To facilitate automation of these tests, our developers designed a corresponding software environment, including a test automation framework. The full service for Eberspächer comprised the planning, outfitting and implementation of the test environment, which measures 100m². Our engineers and technicians selected systems, constructed the new facilities as a landscape of containers, and oversaw the set-up of safety, control and measurement technologies. At the end of the ten-month project period, we handed the entire facility over to the customer, oversaw its commissioning and trained the personnel on site. “We were impressed by the dedication and expertise of the ASAP employees throughout the entire project phase.”


Jürgen Wolfsteiner – Employee, Test Systems.

Long live México: ASAP’s Jürgen Wolfsteiner spent three weeks in North America working on a customer project. Together with another colleague, he commissioned the laboratory set-up on-site for an SUV model. “We constructed our customer’s SUV test bench over several months in the project rooms at our Ingolstadt location and then arranged for its transport to Mexico. To ensure that the various components would also work properly in combination, we connected all control units and components and worked together with our customer to commission the entire system in Mexico.” Wolfsteiner, an electrical engineer, took pride in the finished test device at the end of the project – the result of much blood, sweat and tears. “Commissioning the test bench in Mexico and training the employees there was an unforgettable experience.”