Common questions about applying to ASAP.

Nothing should stand in the way of your professional future at ASAP. With this in mind, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about the ASAP application process. Can’t find an answer to your question here? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at We look forward to receiving your application.

Before applying.

You can apply to work with us at any time. We usually recommend applying around two to three months before you hope to start work at ASAP.

No, you only need to send us your application documents once. Simply apply for one vacancy and add the position you are also interested in. 

All the vacancies listed on our careers page are still current. For some positions, we regularly need to recruit new employees. This is why some vacancies may stay on the page for longer periods.

We would be happy to accept a speculative application. Please note in your covering letter which areas of work you are interested in. We will then compare your preferences against the list of available positions in our company. If you wish to submit a speculative application, please use our online form.

Applying to ASAP.

Please apply using our online form. This allows us to process your application efficiently and reply to you as quickly as possible. We have tried to make the form as simple as possible to fill in.

Please send us your CV, academic and professional references, and any certificates relevant to the job. A covering letter is not essential.

In the event that your application is unsuccessful, we will delete your application details at the latest three months after the application procedure is concluded. If, in the course of the application procedure, you have given us your consent to store your personal data for longer so that we can consider you as a candidate for future vacancies, we will store your personal data for a period of two years and then delete it.

Please address your covering letter to the contact person whose name and telephone number is listed in the vacancy description. They are responsible for the vacancy and can answer any questions you have at any time.

We have designed our online form with the aim of making it as easy as possible to fill in. If you have all the relevant documents to hand, you should be able to complete the form in 5 minutes.

Our form supports the following file formats: PDF, Word (.doc, .docx), JPG, PNG and GIF. The maximum file size is 15 MB. Please note that we cannot download your documents from links to external sites.

There may be a technical issue. Please try again at a later time or get in touch with the contact person listed in the vacancy description by telephone. We will work to remedy any faults as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can send your application via email to

After applying.

Once you have sent us your application via the online form, you will receive confirmation of receipt the same day. If you haven’t heard from us after this, it’s best to contact us directly. The person named in the vacancy description can check whether your application has been received.

Every vacancy includes a contact person who is available to answer any questions you might have throughout the entire application process.

Immediately after receiving your documents, they will be checked by our HR department. You will receive a confirmation of receipt. We will then forward your application to the relevant departments. If your documents are convincing, the next step is a personal interview or an online interview. In this interview, we want to get to know you better and clarify the extent to which you, the job and ASAP are a good match. It is important for us to get to know you in an interview, which is why we do not conduct assessment centers.

Usually we first conduct an online interview with you to get to know you. If you convince us in the online interview and we convince you, we will invite you to a personal interview on site. The interview is all about you! Therefore, be yourself.

You are welcome to bring further samples of your work with you to the interview – but this is not essential. Neither is a printed copy of your application documents.

In terms of technology, you need a standard computer or laptop with an internet connection. You should also use an up-to-date browser, such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome. In addition, you will obviously also need a microphone and, ideally, a headset. You could also try your smartphone’s headphones if they have a built-in microphone. Using a webcam can make the interview more personal, though this is not mandatory. Talking a lot sometimes means we need a sip of water now and again – so have a glass of water to hand.

No. We use Microsoft Teams, so you only need to open it in an up-to-date browser using the link we send you. You will receive further information in the invitation to the interview.

Whether you activate your webcam is entirely up to you. However, we do recommend turning on your video so that the managers in the department to which you’re applying can speak with you more directly and form a better idea of you as a person. That said, the use of a webcam has no bearing on recruitment decisions.

Please click on the link for our call at the specified time. We will start the “conference” at the agreed time. If we encounter technical issues, we will contact you on the telephone number you provided in your application.

Backgrounds are an important detail of video calls. If the background is too bright (e.g. a window), it can be difficult to see the person. You should also remember that your counterpart will not only see you but also a part of your home. If at all possible, try to choose a neutral background.

Dress just as you would for an in-person interview. Try to avoid wearing tops with stripes or small patterns as these can appear shimmery on video calls. Your clothing should also stand out from the background. A white shirt against a white background can be unflattering.

Stay calm in the face of technical problems as these can always be resolved. If there’s something you haven’t understood, calmly ask us to repeat or rephrase what we’ve said. Don’t be afraid to say if the technology isn’t working. Look directly into the camera now and again – this is the equivalent of direct eye contact in an online interview. Sudden, sweeping gestures and movements are often transmitted with a time delay. So, try to keep your hands as still as possible and focus on smiling into the camera instead.

We have no objection to you taking notes during the interview. However, just like in an in-person interview, you should do this on paper and not on your computer. The sound of typing on the keyboard can be perceived as disruptive.

On your first day working at ASAP, you and other colleagues will take part in a welcome event for new employees. This will allow you to get to know company management and provide all the key information you need to hit the ground running at ASAP. You will also be assigned a personal start help to make sure you don’t get lost on your first day. Can’t wait? Watch our 360° video and join our colleague Sven Mösta on his first day at ASAP: .

We’ll work with you to drive your career forward – from the very first question.

Apply now!