Our social engagement.

Our responsibility for the environment and to future generations does not end with our commercial services. We recognise the economic, ecological and social challenges of our time. In light of this, we support charitable organisations such as Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, Soroptimist Club Ingolstadt, Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. and Wirbelwind e.V. 

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

A home for children in need. Since 1949, the charitable association SOS-KINDERDORF E.V. has been committed to supporting abandoned children and war orphans. To this day, its core focus is on promoting the rights and needs of children. In total, the association supports around 45,000 children, young people and families in 37 countries around the world. Its charitable work has already provided a future for thousands of children and young people.


Soroptimist International Club Ingolstadt.

The world’s largest voluntary service organisation of working women is committed to supporting women, mothers and children. The dedicated work of 80,000 Soroptimists improves women’s living, learning and working conditions, helps women achieve economic independence, and protects them from any harm. The network already stretches across 132 countries with 3,000 clubs that oversee social aid projects, both in Germany and abroad.


Klinikclowns e.V.

Giving children the gift of laughter. The work of KlinikClowns, an association that arranges for clowns to visit paediatric clinics and care institutions, is based on scientific evidence that laughing has a positive effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. KLINIKCLOWNS E.V. regularly arranges clown visits to various institutions and is funded through donations, fundraisers and membership fees.


Kreative Köpfe.

From technology and mathematics to natural sciences and IT, the KREATIVE KÖPFE initiative aims to inspire a spirit of discovery and ingenuity in young people. It strives to inspire girls, in particular, to explore technical subjects and promote their untapped potential. Over a three-month period, companies support school pupils and help them turn their idea into reality.



Inspiring a passion for technology and science in children, even at a young age: at the VDINI-CLUB, boys and girls aged four and over explore the world of technology through fun and entertaining activities. This club is an initiative of the Association of German Engineers (VDI).


Ingenieure ohne Grenzen.

In many developing countries, there is an urgent demand for water and energy supply solutions as well as for basic infrastructure and sanitation. INGENIEURE OHNE GRENZEN E.V. takes on these problems and develops solutions, drawing on its engineering and technical expertise. From Tanzania to Nepal and Bolivia, the volunteer engineers work across the world, implementing projects such as solar power systems for schools and developing water disinfection systems.



Diagnosis: cancer. Prognosis: life. More than 75,200 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany each year, making it the country’s most common form of cancer. BRUSTKREBS DEUTSCHLAND E.V. supports women by providing education and information, helping them to take responsibility for their own health and bodies.


Gifhorner Tafel.

In 1993, surplus food was handed out to people in need in Berlin for the first time, following the American model of the ‘City Harvest’. These modest beginnings gave rise to a great number of similar organisations at the local level. The GIFHORNER TAFEL has been active since November 2001 and cares for more than 1,500 people and families in need. It distributes food to them three times per week.


The Girl Effect.

For many girls in developing countries, the wish to determine their own destiny will go unfulfilled. Instead, their futures will be shaped by poverty, violence and exploitation. THE GIRL EFFECT is a movement offering young women education and information to enable them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.



LULU WORKS is a producer cooperative led by women in South Sudan. They use elaborate artisan techniques to create natural cosmetics from lulu trees. Sustainable use of this natural resource protects the trees, which are a cultural asset and a valuable part of the ecosystem. What’s more, Lulu Works enables women to shape their own futures and grow independent of development aid.

Wirbelwind e. V.

This association helps children, young people and women who have experienced sexual violence. WIRBELWIND E.V. advises victims and offers protection and support. In addition, the association’s members provide a contact and information centre, an advice centre, accommodation and emergency refuges.


Global Water.

The drinking water organisation GLOBAL WATER strives to establish and expand access to drinking water in developing countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Guatemala, Peru and Botswana. In its Healthy School Program, the organisation specifically helps schools in Central America to set up water treatment systems, wash basins and toilets to give children and young people access to clean water and sanitary facilities.