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At ASAP, we take our responsibilities seriously. We love our business – but business isn’t everything. We’re committed to sustainable growth, environmentally-compatible activities and genuine social engagement. 

Economic – an uncompromising pursuit of quality

Outstanding quality is the decisive factor in economic sustainability. Ultimately, innovative products, high-quality service and efficient processes mean lower costs and long-term customer relationships. Our commitment to quality is a guarantee of high reliability and value – but that’s not all. We believe that high quality delivers sustainable growth and future-proof innovation. Economic stability is essential if we are to initiate and drive positive environmental and social change.

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Environmental – sustainable actions built on an eco-conscious approach

At ASAP, our commitment to the environment is based on responsible use of natural resources. We use digital technologies to develop 
resource-conserving solutions for intelligent mobility – and thereby promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

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Social – working together to improve society

ASAP as more than just a company: we are part of a community and recognise our social responsibility. We contribute to social projects and initiatives for the good of society. We promote education, support local institutions and campaign for social justice. We do all this because we believe that every contribution matters.

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“After completing my Master’s in Automotive & Mobility Management at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, I looked for a professional challenge in the field of mobility. Although ASAP didn’t have a suitable vacancy for me, I submitted a speculative application. I wanted to find a position that combined…

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At ASAP, we combine business success with responsibility for the environment, society and the economy. Join the team – and together, we’ll turn this vision into reality.  


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