Comprehensive testing
for high-quality products.

Vehicles are exposed to all manner of different influences in their day-to-day use, including vibrations, cold and heat to name just three. Reliability and a long service life are decisive factors in the quality of a vehicle. This is why we offer to test and trial electronic, mechatronic and mechanical components for you before they reach series maturity – such as through environmental simulations. In addition, we conduct trial runs on roads and testing grounds around the world. Offering services from test bench production and measurement technologies through to test automation and implementation, we offer all automotive testing services from a single source.


Our trialling and testing services

We can support you in the development of mechatronic and electronics test systems, planned in accordance with your specific requirements. From consultancy and planning to production, including test automation, and through to commissioning on schedule, we offer turnkey solutions and individual project entry points in the field of automotive testing.

Whether it’s environmental simulations or electrical and EMC tests, we can develop comprehensive component testing concepts and scenarios for you. We provide the testing environment and measurement technology you require and, in addition to coordinating and planning the full scope of testing in an accredited test laboratory, we also evaluate the measurement data and produce reports for you.

Obtaining accurate values requires adequate measurement technology. With this in mind, we offer products to enable you to operate measurement technology with mobile power supplies, devices to measure electrical current, and data visualisation apps, among others. We can also develop flexible modules for use in different applications, such as for signal analysis, simulation and manipulation.

We are specialists in testing individual components and conducting trial runs for test vehicles around the world, both on the road and on testing grounds. In addition, we construct development mules and prototypes and create drive profiles and the required driving scenarios. Then, based on these requirements, we organise route planning, take care of all customs and clearing formalities and arrange for all entry conditions and logistics. Our portfolio is completed by RDE/PEMS test runs.

All-inclusive, turnkey automotive testing solutions.

At our trialling and testing centre, we not only provide suitable testing facilities but also take care of every process step in component testing. We offer all-inclusive, turnkey solutions by developing comprehensive testing concepts and scenarios tailored to your wishes. Our specialists can provide a tailored testing environment and suitable measurement technology and oversee the coordination and planning of the full scope of testing. Furthermore, our engineers and technicians evaluate measurement data and produce customer-specific test reports. By offering consultancy, project management and process management services throughout the process, we can also guarantee that each process step will flow seamlessly into the next. The result? Highly customisable testing and trialling services.


Electronics testing.

Robustness validation has always been an important aspect of testing at ASAP. We focus in particular on vehicle electronics: while maintaining full functionality as defined by specific parameters, we can test the durability of electronic components for you. Whether it’s tiny sensors or larger components, such as electric motors, they all need to withstand desert environments, humid tropical climates and freezing Arctic temperatures as well as bumpy country roads, potholes and salt water.


Testing mechatronic components.

In our accredited test centre, we not only test electronics but also test the full spectrum of mechatronic vehicle components. For instance, we can conduct environmental simulations and electrical testing for you, taking into account the load situations that occur in the field. Our services also include both simulations of entire vehicles and monitoring specific test components. By developing testing concepts and scenarios, we can create all-inclusive, turnkey automotive testing solutions for mechatronic components.  


Mechanical testing.

Our portfolio is completed by testing for endurance strength and stability, tactile and optical metrology, and testing to determine the hydrothermal ageing of exhaust systems. In our mechanical testing, we use devices such as a six-axis robot in life cycle simulations, climate test chambers and a 3D static deformation analysis system. 

Testing high-performance electric motors.

At ASAP, we place a clear focus on future-oriented technologies. We constantly strive to expand our development competencies and capacities in the field of e-mobility. This includes investing in upgrading and expanding our test centres – and, with test benches for high-performance electric motors, we offer a testing environment for highly automated testing and measurement. Making these investments strengthens our position as a leading independent testing services provider for electric drive systems and means we stand ready to assist as your capable partner.

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Certified quality.

Our testing and trialling centres in Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg have been certified by the German national accreditation body DAkkS as operating in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We have also passed audits for automotive and industrial standards including LV 124, VW 80000 and 80101, DC 10611, 10612 and 10615; GS 95003-x and 95024-x; DIN EN 60 068 2-x and DIN ISO 16750. Our services are focused on control units, wire harness components, sensors, actuators, radiator fans and electric motors. We also have profound expertise in testing both interior and exterior elements as well as in optics testing. Our knowledge of current standards makes a trusted partner for all European OEMs and system suppliers.

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Testing devices.

Climate test chambers, six-axis robots, oscillation systems and test benches to examine stability, endurance strength and haptic qualities are just a few of our testing devices. As a development partner to the automotive industry, we have a range of automotive tools at our disposal.


Overview of testing devices

Worldwide test runs.

More than 80 ASAP specialists have navigated 25 test vehicles across 3,000 different routes in more than 60 countries. As a true partner to our customers, we offer all services relating to worldwide test runs from a single source. By exploiting the synergies within our corporate group, our ASAP specialists can handle project management, logistics and implementation as well as vehicle construction and adaptation tasks. Our employees have extensive engineering expertise, which guarantees fast and flexible reactions during ongoing projects. Our specialists recently spent three years on the road validating 15 driver-assistance systems and the vehicles’ associated environmental sensors. ADAS systems are important for autonomous driving and a key focus for ASAP.

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Danny Dreher – Head of Test Centre | High-Voltage Components, Ingolstadt.

As a specialist in the field of high-voltage components, Danny Dreher works to develop sustainable mobility solutions. At our Ingolstadt location, he is responsible for our high-voltage lab, which features test benches for power electronics and high-performance electric motors. After joining the company, the former student of regenerative energies was initially in charge of a test bench for electric motors, which he developed together with a colleague during his time as an undergraduate student. Since then, our test centre has expanded significantly and the scope of Dreher’s responsibilities has also grown. He has risen from Engineer to Team Coordinator; today, Danny Dreher is Head of High-Voltage Components at our Ingolstadt location. In addition to individual opportunities for professional development, when he was looking for an employer, Danny Dreher also felt it important to find a company with a clear focus on the future. “ASAP focused on future trends at an early stage, such as electronics development, software engineering and associated megatrends like e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity. That aspect was particularly important to me in choosing an employer.”

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