Mobility of the future.

ASAP not only keeps pace with the mobility of the future, but actively drives it forward. As an independent subsidiary of HCLTech, we have one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers at our side. Working together, we combine our expertise in the megatrends of e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity and develop future-oriented technologies to series maturity. Our mobility solutions shape the future of automobiles and always maintain a clear focus on the most important thing: creating vehicles that inspire and excite.

Employee working on e-motor


The demands placed on sustainable mobility solutions are significant. Expectations of resource-conserving, climate-friendly and eco-friendly technologies run up against desire for improved performance. The solution? Electric vehicles – usually referred to overall as e-mobility. These technologies meet both mobility needs and sustainability requirements.

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Autonomous driving scene

Autonomous driving.

Driving without a driver? Autonomous driving is so much more than that. It’s about a vehicle with the ability to react autonomously to different traffic situations. Intelligent algorithms, smart cameras and sensors together offer enhanced safety and a relaxed driving experience – both today and in the future of automobiles.

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Connectivity employee


We create and connect new interfaces. The mobility of the future will be shaped by vehicles that communicate both with one another and with infrastructure. Connectivity is a megatrend – and a basic requirement for the future development of e-mobility and intelligent driver-assistance systems.

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Automotive trends: sustainable solutions.

Any company hoping to shape the mobility of the future needs to keep moving forwards; standing still is simply not an option. Our company unites decades of experience with high quality standards, a clear and distinct focus on our customers, and a passion for the automobile. From development to testing and from quality management to technical services, we work with you to react to trending topics and develop holistic solutions for the cars of tomorrow. Find out more about our company and our specialist fields.