Autonomous driving.

In the context of automated driving, cameras and sensors afford vehicles a near-human level of perception. Intelligent algorithms evaluate situations and prioritise different courses of action. Working together with you, we’ll advance towards our goal of developing self-driving cars capable of reacting independently to different traffic situations. Autonomous vehicles are set to make a lasting impact on the future of automobiles.


Our autonomous driving services.

  • Requirement engineering
  • Functional development and application
  • Software development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Virtual validation 
  • Test systems
  • Component testing
  • Development mule construction
  • Drive testing


Mobility of the future.

Join us to develop sustainable mobility solutions for future generations. Whether pure electric vehicles or hybrid cars, our ASAP specialists will support you with their years of experience and extensive expertise throughout the development process and beyond. In addition to new drivetrain concepts, we also offer support in developing new services and business models. Take a look at our projects and see for yourself the services we offer in the fields of e-mobility and connectivity.