Developing sustainable mobility solutions for future generations – we’ll work intensively with you to achieve this goal. To us, e-mobility is the key to a climate-friendly, eco-friendly, resource-conserving and energy-efficient future. Whether you drive a pure electric vehicle or a hybrid, we see e-mobility as a duty for all areas of society. From the outset, we have dedicated ourselves to the challenging aspects of e-mobility development. Here at ASAP, our service portfolio spans the entire development process. Working in tandem with you, we offer universal consultancy services as well as project and process management services, thereby ensuring that each development stage flows seamlessly into the next.


Our e-mobility services

  • BEV analysis (HV battery, LE, EM, charging device) at system log level 
  • Concept development for end-to-end testing of BEV charging
  • Development and comparison of powertrain and system concepts
  • Dynamic simulations, e.g. in relation to stability, energy consumption, range, heat management and cooling
  • Ensuring safety of high-voltage systems
  • Geometric integration and creation of digital mock-up concepts 


  • Requirement management and specification drafting
  • Component testing and management for HV components, plus supplier control
  • Circuit design for HV power electronics
  • Design and construction of electric motors
  • Production of e-motor prototypes
  • Global quality management and supplier management


  • Measurement and characterisation of e-motors – from models to series maturity
  • Tests with climatic conditions
  • Power electronics measurement
  • Life cycle testing of e-components in an accredited test laboratory 
  • Component, module and system testing
  • Insulating, dialectic strength and partial load testing


  • Vehicle construction and adaptation
  • Installation of specific measurement technology in vehicles
  • Mechanical and electrical integration
  • Software and hardware updates and commissioning of vehicles and test benches


Mobility of the future.

At ASAP, our view has been fixed on future-oriented technologies from the very outset. From alternative drive systems to autonomous driving and connectivity, we’re developing the mobility concepts of tomorrow. Together, we can develop vehicles that react independently to different traffic situations and bring connectivity solutions to series maturity. Find out more about our services and projects in the fields of autonomous driving and connectivity.