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ASAP Group at DVN workshop in Munich

The ASAP Group, development partner to the automotive industry, was represented for the first time as an exhibitor and with a specialist lecture at this year's DVN Workshop in Munich from February 27 to 28, 2024. The conference took place under the motto 'Design and Lighting, Technology and EE architecture to support new mobility' at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. More than 450 experts from industry, research and development took part in the conference to discuss future-oriented innovations in the field of automotive lighting. At the center of ASAP's trade fair appearance was the presentation of new methods for exterior light functional protection.

Messestand DVN

The doors opened on February 27, 2024 for the 30th DVN Workshop at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. For two days, everything revolved around current trends and developments in vehicle lighting. Over 450 experts took part in the event and represented the global automotive lighting community. The ASAP Group was also represented with an exhibition stand. The focus of ASAP's exhibition presentation was the specialist lecture by Janina Brückel, expert in the field of exterior light protection: 'Light on. Special challenges and solutions of testing the ADB function'. She presented new, efficient methods for exterior light function validation that meet the challenges of complex exterior light systems - especially in the context of autono-mous driving.

Challenges and new methods for safeguarding exterior light functions
The increasing complexity and networking of exterior light functions, especially those relevant to safety for Level 2 and 3 autonomous driving, represents a major challenge. To meet this challenge, ASAP has implemented innovative approaches such as scenario-based and keyword-driven testing. These methods make it possible to handle a greater variety of test cases more efficiently. "With scenario-based testing, dynamic processes such as speed changes or complex traffic situations can be simulated realistically. Keyword-driven testing complements this by enabling the automated creation and adaptation of test cases, which leads to a significant increase in efficiency and time savings," explains Patrick Goerg, Head of Electronics Development at ASAP. With its new approach - a combination of scenario-based and keyword-driven testing - ASAP therefore ensures reduced effort in test preparation and execution, ultimately saving time and money and providing comprehensive validation of exterior lighting functions.

About the 'DVN Workshop' event
The online portal 'Driving Vision News' (DVN) highlights current trends and developments in the fields of automotive lighting, interior and lidar technologies and connects key stakeholders around the world. With the 'DVN Workshop' format, DVN offers a platform for experts from industry, research and development to exchange views on forward-looking projects and drive innovation. The workshops take place annually at different locations in Europe, China, Japan, and the USA with several hundred participants.