The service spectrum of the ASAP Group.

Automobiles are what drive us – our task is to develop future-oriented automotive technologies. As a development partner to the automotive industry, the ASAP Group offers comprehensive services with a clear focus on the mobility of the future. By working with us, you’ll benefit from our development competencies in the fields of e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity. Our strategic focus is on future-oriented fields of technology in electronics development, such as system integration, software development, virtual validation and both developing and trialling new testing systems. We also offer support in relation to vehicle construction, the development of wire harnesses and CAD engineering. As a capable automotive development partner, we accompany projects from the initial idea and vehicle development through to the start of series production and beyond, drawing on our technical expertise to offer advice and support on cross-cutting topics from project, process and quality management.

Your automotive development partner.

The ASAP Group companies are made up of people with one decisive quality in common: a passion for the automobile. This passion is the driving force pushing us to tackle the technological challenges of the future. Whether in relation to autonomous driving, e-mobility or connectivity, we have a clear focus on future-oriented technologies in the automotive industry. Find out more about our company and our contribution to the mobility solutions of the future.