Modern vehicles are already heavily networked, whether it’s with their surroundings or other vehicles. Even putting the development of the technical aspects to one side, for the automotive industry a connected car presents the challenge of having to offer new services and business models. Working together with you, we can work on projects in these areas, consciously striving to think outside the box in the field of smart vehicles.


Our connectivity services.

A clear focus on connectivity: our specialist fields allow us to examine the interfaces and functionality of technologies such as Car2x, HMI and electronics architecture. We support you in the integration and validation of new functions and technologies in vehicles. In addition, we’re becoming increasingly well acquainted with topics such as big data and cloud computing, thereby driving forward new developments in the field of smart vehicles together with you.


Mobility of the future.

Sustainable drivetrain concepts and driving without a driver – together, we can move forward with the mobility of the future. From systems analysis and component development through to verification and validation, our e-mobility service portfolio spans the entire development process. In relation to autonomous driving, our ASAP specialists support you in the development of self-driving cars capable of reacting independently to different traffic situations. Find out more about our projects and services.